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Forest Computer Solutions offers a wide variety of technical services


Plymouth Computer Repair - Virus Removal


Virus Removal

Viruses are annoying. They slow down your computer, steal your information, and are a mess to deal with. The worst part? Nowadays, most viruses disguise themselves as real programs! Technicians at Forest Computer Solutions are trained to identify and remove malware, bloatware, trojans, worms, and all other nasty types of programs that eat up your computer’s resources.







Hardware Repair

Heat, moisture, and static discharge damage the components in your computer over time. This can cause parts to stop working properly, or even result in a non-booting computer. Forest Computer Solutions can determine if a component is faulty and replace it for you for the cost of the part plus a small labor fee. This saves you time, money, and frustration with the problems that result from improper hardware installation.






Plymouth Computers - Data Backup


Data Transfer and Recovery
Did you know that hard drives go bad after a certain period of time? As the computer reads and writes from the hard drive, it degrades, causing sectors to fail and data to be lost. In order to truly keep your data safe, it is recommended that you back up your data regularly. Forest Computer Solutions can facilitate the backup of all of your important data, as well as install a regular backup so that you can continue to use your computer with peace of mind.







On-Site Installation and Support

New computer? Network problems? Forest Computer Solutions does on-site repairs and installations of networks, printers and scanners, computers, backups, and more. Give us a call and details can be worked out!